Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dose of reality

A righteous anger? I'm still learning what that means; to be so angry at sin and the people involved in it, yet broken over their lostness and separation from God.
Today we went out with a community health leader into the deep rural. It was a learning experience! The roads were two track, deep rooted and water filled. The homes were either mud shacks or the traditional round huts.
As we were driving, the community health worker that we had picked up was explaining a horrible new dilemma. The rape rate had escalated in the last couple months! Grandmas, moms, babies being raped by boys, men and grandfathers. Mobile health clinics had to stop going out to care for people because people were high jacking the vehicles and raping the nurses.
You could see the pain on her face as we passed homes and she described their personal horror. Our hearts were hurting as we processed this reality. The people have so many needs, especially to hear Christ's healing message, yet because of the current situation our hands are tied in so many ways. We pray that God will help us creatively reach these hurting people!
In the picture above, we were out with some community leaders from Amangwe village distributing food and checking up.

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