Friday, May 25, 2007

Moving again

Praise God things are moving so quickly and it seems to be in His perfect timing. We've rested on Him to open doors and they are "flying" open!
We spent the first couple days of this week up in Richards Bay looking at houses. There is a perfect little place a couple doors down from Henry and Shirley (South African church planters on our team).
Paul (a teammate) sent our proposal to move to Richards Bay out to the Church Planting committee. No cries of outrage have returned, so he is notifying the team of our move. The comments he has received back have been very positive. This felt like a big hurdle for us. We had no idea how the team would respond to us making such a big move so shortly after arriving in the country. We continually thank God for the road He is laying out!
We did find out today that getting someone to take over our lease is VERY important. Breaking our lease means remaining responsible for the full rent until a new renter is found. We still have 9 months left on our lease! My heart just sank. How would we cover rent on two places? Kyle and I first took this to God. He can provide a renter, or He can provide the funds. Still, the worry was hard to suppress. I might need to lay this at His feet minute by minute! Kyle worked diligently to post pictures of our house on South African reality spaces online and now we wait.

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