Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's all coming together

Praise God that He is in control of even the smallest of details!
Our shipping container arrived yesterday and so many little details needed to fall into place. Because of the steepness of our driveway, the container had to stay up on the road 300-400m from our house. Because of a 90 degree angle into our private drive and a ditch in the middle of the angle, most trucks couldn't manage and a trailer wouldn't work. It was suggested to call Wiseman, a fellow missionary's gardener, and see if he could come out with 10 other men. He said that he though he could do that.
The next concern was the weather. It had been raining a lot and wet pavement would make carrying our stuff down the hill impossible! But morning came with beautiful warm skies. The men showed up early and the container came on time (all quite variable here in Africa). The men worked diligently moving our belongings down that horrible hill!
We provided lunch and have learned that it is customary to send them home with what is left. So, one went home with the bread, another with a bag of chips and so on.
We had promised each of the workers R50, but gave R70 (about $10) and gave Wiseman a little extra for organizing it all.
What a huge praise to have everything unloaded and safely in our home. Now begins the huge process of unpacking! I've almost forgotten what is in all those boxes . . . it was over 2 months ago that we packed up!

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