Sunday, July 1, 2007

Feeling unsettled

Have you ever felt that Satan is unhappy about the current events?
The first 24 hours up here in Richards Bay have been incredible . . in a negative sort of way. To God be the glory for the trials, it will strengthen and help me rest in Him. Might as well start off our time in Richards Bay on the right foot . . completely dependant on God!
None of us feel very well, the day has been very cold and rainy, and Abby had a horrible accident. She slipped on a chair and fell face first on the tile. There was blood everywhere! Only after Henry came out to see what was happening did he see the 2 teeth lying on the floor. She had completely knocked out 2 front teeth, pushed back a third tooth, and was in so much pain. My heart just ached for her!
We'll look things over in the morning and take her to a dentist.

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